lolaLola Amaria
Film Actress, Director and Producer

In the context of patriarchal culture, it’s not easy for women to talk about sexual desires and pleasures. These are only for men, they’re taboo for women! The Orgasm Project invites us to break down those taboos, to realize that desires belong not only to men, but also to women. That to have orgasms is the right of women as much as the right of men.

niaNia Dinata
Film Director and Producer

An extraordinarily important book for the younger generation in our beloved country. May Indonesian women and men (regardless of their sexual orientation) co-exist; respect one another’s ‘living’ rights and the beauty of orgasm.

patsyPatsy Widakuswara
TV Presenter and Producer

It doesn’t take much to become aware of the injustices imposed on women, including sexual injustice. This book invites us to narrow the injustice gap as well as to remove the veil from society’s hypocrisy. I hope that with this book we will be more empowered and orgasmed!

rachlandRachland Nashidik
Human Rights Defender

This is an important book. Firli has the courage to construct a positive example of a feminist approach to sexuality, especially female sexuality. I believe this book will break down the silence of many feminists on the topic of sexuality.

riaRia Irawan
Actress and Presenter

A very urgent and serious theme, delivered in a style that is both familiar and informal, makes this book a joyful reading experience. I read it in one sitting.


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